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Every individual or family has a financial goal they'd like to achieve. We help our clients down the path towards trying to accomplish their mission by using an A-B approach and a four step process:

  • A is where you are today, and B is where you want to go.
  • The shortest distance between two points is a straight line. (A well planned out and executed financial plan)
  • Our role is to recommend investments & strategies to help get you to B in the most efficient way possible....your financial road, as straight as possible.

Step 1. Our initial meeting will have objectives of: Establishing the details of the client/planner relationship Setting expectations for all parties Determining A (where you are now) Establishing risk tolerance Discussing investment objectives and income needs Discussing long-term goals, as well as your dreams (where you want to go - B)

Step 2. We analyze this data and recommend a financial strategy.

Step 3. Once we determine B, your ultimate long term goals & dreams, we will help you implement this agreed-upon strategy.

Step 4. We will review the strategy on a regular basis to observe its performance. We will recommend adjustments that reflect changes in the market, the economy or in your financial situation that will be necessary to stay on pace to achieve your goals.


The CFP® designation is generally as one of the top standards of excellence within the financial services industry. In fact, an article in the October 16, 2010 edition of The Wall Street Journal says: "Just when Americans seem more desperate than ever for trustworthy investment advice, financial advisers are brandishing a baffling array of new credentials-some of which can be earned with minimal or no study and a few hundred dollars." The article distinguishes these "dubious" designations from "well-established credentials, including the certified public accountant, chartered financial analyst and CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional designations, require long study, demand continuing education and enforce strict codes of ethics."

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