Empowerment For Financial Change

Financial Literacy

One of our greatest professional missions is to empower others to make a financial change in their life and take control of their finances. We have joined the Financial Literacy Movement which is a financial educational program designed to increase people's skills, knowledge, and understanding of how to manage their finances successfully.

We realize that financial illiteracy is an epidemic in this country as a majority of people have never been shown, whether in school or at home, the basic principles of budgeting and financial planning which can make or break a person's financial well-being.

Our program covers the basic tenants of financial change:

Financial Goals: The importance of setting financial goals and how to identify them
Budgeting: Lifestyle Management, 30 Day Challenge
Debt: Stopping and reversing the debt mentality
Protection: Protecting assets through Estate Planning
Personal Planning: Investments and Retirement Planning
Accountability: The importance of financial accountability, how to get it